Mo Ḋéıṫe || My Gods

ᛗᛁᛁᚾᛟ ᚷᚢᛞᛟ || 𐌼𐌴𐌹𐌽𐌰 𐌲𐌿𐌳𐌰

[LAST UPDATED 07/05/22]

I am a polytheist and an animist who worships and venerates Gods, spirits and ancestors.
I am a Reidareis of Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis. My own praxis, I call “Wegaz Nurþerōn Marimarkōn“, “The Way of the Regions of the North Sea”.
I believe the Gods are perfect, hale and whole. That They are eternal, exist beyond space-time and are infinite (or near-infinite) in number. I believe They may appear in physical forms, and we may craft physical representations of Them, but They are beyond the limitations of physical form, just as They are beyond sex, gender and so on.
I believe the Gods are immanent and active.

This is a brief list of the main Gods that I give worship to regularly at present. As such, this list is far from exhaustive, and may indeed be revisited, revised and reviewed from time to time.

Milukaiþei – Mother of Humanity, Great Goddess of Life, Soul-Weaver. A Goddess of motherhood, humanity and horses.

Aƕa – River of Plenty, Lady of the Arts, Sister of Laguƕaþō. A Goddess of education and the arts, She is a source of ideas and inspiration.

An Mórrígan – an Mór-Ríoġaın, Baḋḃ Caṫa, Neaṁaın, Maċa. The Great Queen, a Goddess who travels between the realms, She has taught me about extremes, watched over me for much of my life and is so complex and multi-faceted.

Isis/Aset – Great of Heka, Mistress of Magic, She Who Gives Life. A queen over death, a great mother and a teacher of the esoteric.

Marirīks Lībis – Sea King of Life, Child of Laguƕaþō, Cloak of Blue Foam. The God of the North Sea whose bountiful and fertile waters carry and give so much during the warmer months.

Moririx Marui – Sea King of Death, Hunter of the Depths, Leader of Lusanjâ’s Wrath. The counterpart to Marirīks Lībis, Moririx Marui appears during the colder, harsher months leading the Wild Hunt as He and His travel from the North Sea, (mythologised in my practice at that time as the Morimarusa (“Dead Sea”)), along the rivers and waterways, travelling inland like the raiders of old.

Lusanjâ – Goddess of the Deep, Mother of Marilībarsa, The Self-Sacrificing One. During the darker, colder months, She weeps for those lost and taken from the land of the living, sending out Moririx Marui to join the Hunt and gather those spirits. During the warmer, brighter months, she recedes deep into Her realm to reside over the underworld as a carer for, and ruler of, the dead and departed.

LaguƕaþōÞiudana Himine (“Queen of the Heavens”), Þiudana Stairnono (“Queen of the Stars”), Þiudana Ganohawaggis (“Queen of the Underworld/Abundant Meadow”). A Goddess connecting the waters and the skies, the Underworld and the Heavens whose arms carry souls out of this life into the next.

Deruentiū – The River that cares for me who parented the settlements of my childhood and adult life.

Albī – Watcher of the Northern Border, Bladed River, The Seeing Waters. A God who bridges the domains of the ahmans/wights and the mundane world, connects us to the ancestors. A seer and a guardian.

Fader Rīnaz, Mōder Masā, ⁊ Mōder Skeldiz – Loving parents of the lands of ancient Germania and Gaul. Their fertile waters shape and feed much of north-western continental Europe. They historically shaped empires forming natural borders between peoples and regions.

As a member of Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis, I may also give worship to other Gods regularly worshipped by the tradition, particularly on holidays centred around specific Gods.
Other Gods that Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis members give worship to that I have worshipped more often include Þaibons, for instance, who I honour as my hearth-deity, welcoming Her at the beginning of every ritual with an offering of incense that She may be pleased asking that She may sanctify and bless my prayers and offerings that they become worthy of the Hailagans (“Holy Ones”).
A few more examples may include that after training or physical exercise, I often give worship to Hroda, with thanks for Her determination, strength and persistence. Or Donaws who I honour and worship with thanks for the gifts of communication and written text He blessed humanity with.

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