Favourite Polytheist (and adjacent) Blogs

So, here’s a list of really cool religious/polytheistic/animistic/spiritual/philosophical/otherwise relevant blogs and sites I highly recommend you check out if anything here has been even remotely worth reading. Whether you view these as resources, jump-off points or inspirations for yourself, I hope you get to check them out and find them as worthwhile as I do. This list is by no means exhaustive and many, if not all, will link to other sites/blogs/resources that are also worth checking out.

Allodium Francorum – Thia Frankisk Aldsido (TFA) can be translated into ModE as The Old Frankish Custom. It is a reconstructed and retro-engineered religious pursuit aimed at reviving the ontological condition of the ancient Frankish people(s). The time periods with which the religion is most concerned are the pre-Merovingian tribal age and that of the Merovingian age proper.

Bay Witch Musings – Thoughts on parenting, paganism, science, books, witchcraft, nature, feminism, unitarian universalism, herbalism, cooking, conservation, crafting, the state of humanity, and life by the sea.

Blômid Frankisk Aldsido – Frankish Heathenry in Blômid (Florida). (Member of Thia Frankisk Aldsido).

Bruniāχildis U̯oretoχdoniā – Post-reconstructionist worshipper of pagan Gods. (Member of Mantalon Bolgon).

Buta Craxanti – Polytheism in the Lake Lands.

Cailleach’s Herbarium – Exploring Lost Scottish Folk Traditions.

Child of Britannia – Heathenry around the Bayou.

Dītrebaxtā – The Way of Being Alone. (Member of Mantalon Bolgon).

Deo Mercurio and Deo Mercurio – The former: “A little space in honour of Mercury and Rosmerta”; the latter: “This site has been created to present the Celtic and Roman religion of Gaul for all those who wish to practise it in our times, and to welcome reconstructionists who would like to meet and exchange ideas.”. (Member of Mantalon Bolgon).

Eikim Kruwom – Dedicated to the reconstruction of the Old Prussian Faith.

Gnás Meánach – This is an attempt at fleshing out a new flavor of Celtic Polytheism, specifically a style local to the Mayenne region in France […].

Goden van eigen bodem – Heidens erfgoed van de Lage Landen [Pagan Heritage of the Low Countries].

Golden Trail – A Wayfarer’s Path.

Hellenic Faith.

Henadology – Philosophy and Theology.

Hob & Broom: Household Lore and Traditions – An exploration of the old spirits, symbols, customs, and crafts of the home.

Kallisti – Essays on polytheism, minimalism, and everything in between.

Keeping the Flame – Musings from a Frankish Heathen. (Member of Thia Frankisk Aldsido).

Lārhūs Fyrnsida – Anglo-Saxon Heathenry.

The Lazy Heathen – A blog by someone who out-Chuck-Norrises Chuck Norris.

Living with Kami – A Shinto site that’s incredibly beginner friendly.

Longing for the Mountains – Musings of a Finno-Yngvic Norse Heathen.

The Longship – A beginner’s guide to Heathenry.

Lucus Antiquus – The Musings of an Etrusco-Roman Reconstructionist.

Mimusubi – Reflections on Shinto.

Nertobessus – An exploration of Athletic Cultus, primarily with regards to it being an integral part of Mantalon Bolgon, but accessible to all polytheists.

Of Axe and Plough – Theology, Polytheism, Heathenry.

Of Silver Fountains – Musings on philosophy, theology and Heathenry.

On Wings of Summer – Life of a Modern Polytheist. (Member of Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis).

Sarenth – Heathen Spirit-Worker.

Senobessus Bolgon – The old primary website for the Gallia Belgica-inspired tradition of Mantalon Bolgon.

Sentus Cingetos – Path of the Soldier. (Member of Mantalon Bolgon).

Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis – A Tradition of Gothic Heathenry.

Solntsa Roshcha – English-Language Slavic Pagan Reconstructionism.

Thought Emulsion – A regionalised, syncretic Anglo-Saxon Heathenry.

The Turning of the Starry Wheel – The Poetic Musings of a Modern Polytheist.

The Wandering Blackbird – Walking the winding path of modern polytheism.

The Wind’s Eye – Animism, polytheism, folklore, spirit work, & witchcraft.

Witia – A trilingual blog on Slavic paganism.

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