On abundance, blessings, and ānanda

Arna chéadfhoilsiú ar wandering blackbird:
The cornucopia: blessings enough to feed not just oneself, but a family, a community. Photo by Brad West on Unsplash. Recently, I’ve been focusing on Gods traditionally associated with ideas of abundance, wealth, and prosperity, such as Fulla, Geofen and Ingui. For me this is a sphere that I’ve…

Balance, Ego ⁊ Perseverance

[This post is fairly rambling and may seem irrelevant to anything, but if you stick with it and persevere hopefully it will have been worth reading. If you do, you have my thanks and appreciation. If you don’t, no problem, have a nice day anyways.] “It doesn’t get any easier; You get better at it“An chuid eile de “Balance, Ego ⁊ Perseverance”

Community, Culture, and Identity in Western Polytheism — The Wind’s Eye

Heidi adds wonderfully to the musings of people like Marc from Of Axe & Plough and Craxantos at Buta Craxanti on identity and culture, making it all the more personal and relevant at an accessible and individual level as she does so. I believe in using the gifts of our ancestors – our familial, cultural,An chuid eile de “Community, Culture, and Identity in Western Polytheism — The Wind’s Eye”

Touching the Moon: Thinking About Magick, Wicca, and Being a Witch

Arna chéadfhoilsiú ar Heathen Field Guide:
As a Heathen polytheist first and witch second, I’ve found my relationship with the concepts of magick not as quickly and easily defined. For a long time, I chose not to even think much about magick at all, since I found that it was more important to my…

Blessing ⁊ Well-Wishes

This is a topic I see come up a lot. It takes a few forms but primarily falls into one of two questions: How do I react when someone says they will pray for me? How do I go about praying for someone else? A lot of this boils down to theology and philosophy. ButAn chuid eile de “Blessing ⁊ Well-Wishes”

Celebrate the Laity

Nobody gets paid to be Pagan. Think about it. People get paid to teach, to lecture, to write, to make videos, to sell crafted items, to run workshops or courses, but nobody is being paid to be a Pagan. People don’t get paid to be religious. You believe what you believe, you pray, you holdAn chuid eile de “Celebrate the Laity”

Multiplicity ⁊ Not Knowing

[Mildly ranty post, less personal or reflective than my last one, but much less well-thought out or researched and referenced than my bigger posts of late.] “Divinity is weird.” – Marc. People seemingly really dislike uncertainty. They dislike the idea of having to rely on trust or faith, or having to deduce things and decideAn chuid eile de “Multiplicity ⁊ Not Knowing”

Liminal Times

Spring is here, that liminal season acting as a grey area between the depths of winter and the highs of summer. Flowers are blooming, birds are nesting, I’m back in our little garden when I’ve the time and I give thanks to the Gods and the land for the changes, for the growth, for theAn chuid eile de “Liminal Times”

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