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On being in a God’s series

Great post on Divine seira and the significance of that.
“I’ve had the opportunity over the past year to be part of conversations where people take that everyone is in some God’s series as a matter of course, and it has been a refreshing change from more public parts of the Internet, where discussing theological matters like these is dicey given the baggage within the Neopagan and polytheistic communities as a whole over “chosenness” — which is often used as spiritual bypassing, and which is informed by less-than-useful ideas from pop culture fantasy and Christian Great Awakenings. […]
When we align with our leader-God, we haven’t been chosen to do anything, but we suddenly have intrinsic motivation to do specific types of activities because, once the soul identifies what is most good, it does that thing, and there isn’t a choice because why would you do that? I mean, you could shrink away, possibly, but that’s picking division of oneself over unity? And so the hypothesis breaks apart because you must be identifying whatever you’re aiming for in not doing the thing as the actual good to aim for? Also important to note here is that alignment with one’s leader-God is not going to bring about a collective utopia due to the inherent friction involved in the “condensation” of what is beyond spacetime into a spatial and temporal extent.”
I appreciate Kaye’s ability to discuss Platonic ideas and concepts in a manner that makes them tangible, real and practical without being patronising in the process, all whilst giving the references and original Greek terms where necessary in the process.


I have written at length about seira, both on this blog and in The Soul’s Inner Statues. One thing I’ve reflected on over the past few days — seeded by interactions in a variety of places since July or so — is just how grounded and level-headed the conversation about individual people being in a God’s series is outside of the wilds of the Internet and public social media. The concept of being in a divine series is absolutely normal. Where things can get dicey, however, and where I think I have the most anxiety about these conversations (primed by years of using social media, unfortunately), is when people try to use their connection to a God as a way to corral and exert power over others in an inappropriate way, or when our individual interpretation of our sensory experience — which is all tinged with the gates of ivory…

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