Worship and the Punishment Mindset

Great piece here by Kaye on a range of points. Doing something being better than doing nothing, worry over doing our religions “wrong”, how you cannot possibly worship all the Gods and that is okay, focus on the Gods that you are closest to or seem most relevant.


Recently, while checking to make sure that my scheduled posts were working properly on the account that spews out (slightly modified for length in some cases) passages from The Soul’s Inner Statues with a few sleek quotations from (mostly) Platonists, I saw a TweetDeck notification that someone had quote-tweeted one of the tweets, which comes from Chapter 4: Gods (in the front text before the sections):

It is not necessary to worship every single God every day (that would be impossible), just as one cannot be friends with every human being in the world or every sentient being in the cosmos. Most people only have the bandwidth for worshipping a few, and that’s okay.

The full passage is this:

It is not necessary to worshipeverysingle Godeveryday (that would be impossible), just as one cannot be friends witheveryhuman being in the world oreverysentient being in the cosmos. Beyond worshipping the household…

Amharc ar an alt bunaidh 1,772 d’fhocla eile

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