Talking with Isis

Good exploration of communing with the Divine as we worship


A meditation on beautiful Sirius, the Star of Isis

When we connect with Isis, how do we do that? Prayer? Meditation? Invocation? Visualization? Can we talk with Her, actually have a back-and-forth conversation? Can we ask Her questions? Can we request Her help?

Yes, we can. How exactly you do it is up to you. I believe it will be more important than ever for all of us to connect with our Divine Ones during the coming days and years. Life is not being easy or simple right now…if it ever really is.

For me, the boundaries between prayer, meditation, and visualization tend to be rather soft. Very often, I find that meditation flows into visualization flows into prayer flows into an offering chant flows back into meditation. Sometimes I visualize the whole time, sometimes I don’t “see” anything, but just feel Her presence. Sometimes I can “hear” Her voice…

Amharc ar an alt bunaidh 842 d’fhocla eile

Published by snowceadaoin

Haigh, I'm Snow, the wintery, gothic, ghostly, English/Irish one. Sé/É i nGaelainn nó They/Them in English. Out and out bisexual. I'm Heathen, Polytheist, and however many other applicable labels. I've been pagan in various forms since my pre-teens. I've been obsessing over music since infancy and trying to write since I was first in double digits. I like sci-fi, horror, martial arts, gardening, languages, cats and coffee. Níl aon am saor agam. Antifa. Iss die Reichen. Cofiwch Dryweryn. 合氣道と居合道。Ceol ⁊ Focail. Eg drikk mykje kaffi.


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