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Rosmerta of Roanoke: Our Lady of the Valley

The Wind's Eye

Local Gods hold a special place in my particular religion, where I emphasize connection and interdependence. I’ve always been drawn to building relationships with the spirits that surround me, even from a young age when I didn’t explicitly identify as pagan. Going into the woods as a kid, I tried to feel out the spirits of the trees, the living breath of the forest. I craved those immediate, commonplace connections, discovering the hidden holiness around me, and a feeling of intimacy with a place, before I had any interest in petitioning more widespread and historically attested Gods.

When I first visited Roanoke six years ago, I was captivated by it. I loved the small but cosmopolitan energy of the place — the silver whale of the ultramodern Taubman Museum cresting above the late 19th century brick market and railway buildings, the sprawling Tudor-style monolith of the Hotel Roanoke and the…

Amharc ar an alt bunaidh 2,129 d’fhocla eile

Published by snowceadaoin

Haigh, I'm Snow, the wintery, gothic, ghostly, English/Irish one. Sé/É i nGaelainn nó They/Them in English. Bisexual. Gothic Heathen, Kemetic Polytheist, and however many other applicable labels. I like sci-fi, horror, martial arts, gardening, languages, cats and coffee. Níl aon am saor agam. Antifa. Iss die Reichen. Eg drikk mykje kaffi. 𐌲𐌰𐌹𐍃𐌰𐌻𐌰𐌹𐌺𐍃 𐌹𐌼 Is mıse Sneaċta ᛊᚾᚨᛃᚹᚨᚷᚨᛉ ᛊᛁᛁᚱᛖᛖᛞᛁᛃᚨ


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