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Cıbear-ḟoraoıs Sneaċta

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Snow’s Cyber-Forest

Exploration of Wegaz Nurþerōn Marimarkōn wedged between the ramblings, musings and thoughts of a Gothic Heathen, Kemetic Polytheist, spirit-worker and however many other labels are applicable.


This blog is half my online journal as I explore my religion and praxis, with my membership in Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis alongside my own personal praxis that I have taken to calling “Wegaz Nurþerōn Marimarkōn” (Proto-Germanic for “The Way of the Northern Sea Regions“); and half a blog to think atext of thoughts on faith, practice, spirituality and religion.
I’m English/Irish, from the UK. I’m bisexual. Musician, writer, producer, martial artist, amateur linguist. My pronouns are He/Him and/or They/Them ı mBéarla nó Sé/É ı nGaelaınn. No Frith With Fascists. Antifa.